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My name is Dion Watts and I am a professional photographer as well as a 3rd degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Much like my pursuit of mastery in the art of Jiu-Jitsu, photography is an art form that requires fine attention to detail and many hours of dedication to the craft. I believe that the capturing of a single moment could make it last forever.

Always Searching For The Shot

The greatest aspect of photography is the ability to capture the imperfection of life. Every moment that it captured resembles the beauty of nature. Whether it is the architecture we have built, the sports we play, or the human body in its most beautiful form. When I am looking for the perfect shot, I look for the perfect way to capture the imperfections of life. It is in these imperfections that we experience emotion and fully enjoy life.

“Dion is an amazingly creative photograapher. Easy to work with and goes the extra mile to get that ‘money shot’.”

Peter Amato

“Some of my favorite competition pictures are from Dion Watts.”

Caio Terra

“Dion Watts is a great man with great photos. I recommend him to anybody who wants a photo taken.”

Jeff Glover

“Watts is such a talented photographer. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. I got some amazing photos from tournaments taken by him.”

Lucas Pinheiro

“Shots by Watts catch some of the most amazing and exciting Jiu-Jitsu pictures. He is the best shot!”